Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Power Wheelchairs & Scooters

Since 2006 we have assisted so many patients with power wheelchair and scooter needs ranging from new equipment purchases to repairing existing power mobility devices. We offer many different styles. We also carry the top rated manufacturers to ensure long lasting satisfaction. Please visit our Repair Services page for more information regarding all repair needs big or small on your power wheelchair or scooter.

Orthopedic Products

We offer many types of off the shelf braces, wraps, and supports. We offer items for the hand, arms, neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, knees, ankles, and feet. We also carry compression stockings and diabetic socks. Due to the many sizes and styles we can special order most orthopedic products for you. Call today and let us help you with your orthopedic needs.

Homecare Beds

We offer electric homecare beds in different styles and sizes. Choose from manual, semi-electric, or fully electric models. Most can be extended for taller adults and there are bariatric models to support a heavier weight capacity. We also carry different rail options for safety and also trapeze options to assist with transfers. Mattresses range from innerspring to alternating low air loss pressure reducing mattress options that can eliminate pressure ulcers found with some bed confined patients. *Most insurance companies will pay for the rental and purchase of some of these items with a physicians prescription. Contact us to better explain the process.

Bath Safety Items

Did you know that most falls at home occur in the bathroom? Why risk unnecessary falls when you can easily utilize products that have been designed to work in virtually every bathroom for your own safety. Grab Bars assist with getting in and out of the shower more securely. Raised toilet seats help when there is trouble bending down and getting up from the toilet. Tub transfer benches are a great item for the transfer from outside the tub to the inside of the tub by swiveling your legs only and sliding on the bench. Most bath safety items can be easily moved when other family members need to use the bathroom area. Ask us about home medical equipment rentals in Houston TX area. 

Manual Wheelchairs | Transport Wheelchairs

There are a lot of choices when choosing a manual wheelchair, including transport wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs, and more.  We are experts in helping you make the right decision on which one fits your needs the best. *With a written prescription and other medical condition requirements you may qualify for insurance coverage. We can answer any questions concerning all home medical equipment including manual wheelchairs.

Walking Aids

We offer many different options for your mobility needs. We offer all types of crutches, walkers, and rollators. Need a seat? Wire basket? Saddle Bag? We carry pediatric sizes all the way up to tall adult. We can also special order just about any color and style that you prefer. *Most insurances will pay for this equipment with a written physicians prescription. Let us assist you with filling your prescription needs.


Many patients are prescribed a nebulizer to administer their respiratory medications. The purpose is to turn the medicine into a breathable mist, which the patient then inhales passively for necessary duration to receive their prescribed dosage. We carry nebulizers designed for children as well as standard adult nebulizers and portable nebulizers. *Most standard nebulizers are covered by insurance accompanied with a physicians written prescription. We are not a pharmacy therefore we do not provide the medications.

CPM Rentals

CPMs are used after surgery and in the home. This device has been proven to reduce pain and swelling, increase range of motion, help prevent blood clots, and help prevent adhesions. Continuous Passive Motion also promotes faster and more productive cartilage and soft tissue healing. *Most insurance companies pay for a home CPM rental with a physicians order. Medicare pays for up to 21 days from date of surgery for home CPM for total knee replacements or revisions.